Bluetooth pc headphones aren’t specific for use with phones


That way you have plenty of cable to wrap in whatever way you please so it’s not as visible. I tried putting my cable under my keyboard (which would get it out of the way enough for me) but my keyboard is flat on the desktop, so putting it under causes it to rock. I hate having to drag my cable up to my lap so it doesn’t get tangled on the table corners. Bluetooth pc headphones aren’t specific for use with phones. That way I can plug anything in and even tuck away excess cable so it isn’t sitting. After disabling this option, my headphone jack detects my headphones with ease and I have no issues switching between headphones and speakers. Some users especially have the issue with headphones and an external microphone. Namely, lots of users and Fortnite aficionados reported the in-game audio not working on all platforms. Part of me was considering taping an extension cable up underneath my desk, just. There are certainly better wireless headphones out there, but I’m not convinced there’s a better sounding wireless headset with mic out there, regardless of price. Is the extension you’re using mounted to the keyboard tray? I’ve looked around in sound setting and set everything to default but nothing shows that headphones are plugged. If your cable isn’t long enough get a headphone extension cable. To keep Bluetooth headphones from pairing or connecting with unauthorized devices, they often have a way to authenticate the connection. I specifically bought an extension wire to my headphones so I could do this as it keeps the wire from catching on anything (including me). As for cable positioning, i drop it down onto the floor and run it back up to my case. Get reference headphones with closed backs. I didn’t need an extension cable or anything. I too had experienced my headphones not being registered and not being able to get sound from my headphones, although the speakers worked. Press the button, or press and hold button that puts your headphones in pairing mode. I just let te cable run alongside the keyboard. If you buy a long extension cable, you can have the cable coming up from behind you, from the floor. Yes they are plugged in all the way and the headphones work with other devices. Buy good headphones (AKA no bose or beats) and get a desk mic or a modmic. It’s off to the side so i don’t need to worry about running over the cable all the time. I use headphones with a very short cord for less clutter. That way you’re not going to have issues with the cable being.